Why use a realtor to sell your house

A real estate agent’s commission feels like a lot of money. As a seller, it’s usually 3%. Plus, you typically pay the buyer’s agent another 3%. Below are the most common reasons to use a professional.:

  1. ‘For sale by owner’ scares buyers. It also scares off most realtors to show your house. Without a professional on the other end of the transaction there are a lot of risks from the beginning of the process to closing.
  2. Agents don’t let emotions become a issue. A rejected offer or criticisms of your home can be upsetting to hear directly from a prospective buyer. A realtor can explain the rejection by suggesting how to correct an issue. A realtor also can follow-up without emitting a sense of eagerness or desperation.
  3. Selling a house is a full-time job. Every phone call, every showing, vetting prospect buyers, coordinating with other agencies…do you have the time, or the experience in marketing homes?
  4. Access to large networks returns better and a larger number of qualified buyers. While sites such as Zillow, Craigslist, and other multiple listing services allow you to sell your home, this is a smaller pool of potential buyers. A good agent has a wide network of connections to distribute their seller’s properties.
  5. Agents find the best qualified buyers. A buyer could be at any stage of readiness: pre-qualified, cash ready, contingent on their sale. Their circumstance affects your sell. You may have to choose between a seller who can buy your house for over asking price when their house sells, or you may have a buyer who has cash and is ready to buy at asking. Realtors are trained to determine the best qualified prospect.
  6. Negotiating the best sell price is a specialized skill. They know how to best phrase comments or offers from the buyer without offending the seller, or vice versa. A seller may have some understanding of the local market, but an agent understands and experiences what’s driving the local market and first-hand information of recent nearby sales.
  7. While a seller may minimize flaws with their home, the buyer may magnify them. An agent sees the flaws in a home beforehand and can offer inexpensive fixes or advise how it could affect the selling price. This gives you options. A seller may not even recognize an issue, such as cleanliness, where an agent may recommend a professional deep cleaning prior to showing. Or maybe even stage the house for its best showing.
  8. The small print matters. This is the legal part of the sale that most home sellers may not fully understand the implications of their actions, such as false statements, negligence, breach of contract from disclosure, etc.


Probably the biggest transaction of your life, selling your home should be left a professional.

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